...th'only elpee to feature jimmy page was seen at th'time as not as good as it coulda been but lookin back its a real nice effort from th'changin times when 67 sike was givin way to a more heavy blooz rock/early proggyness...theres some cool chamber sike with xcellent geetar squeel on th'title trk followed by some groovy patented yardbird R&B, again with some pagey stringbendin over th'top,on th'next trk...third trk (white summer)sees page lookin forward, not to led zep one but th'third folky effort so he's already lookin to inject london folk(bert jansch/davy graham) onto a group scenario...more hard pop follows with then more sike with xotic instrumentation/blooz rockin 'n jimmy whips out th'violin bow a coupla times...dig trk5 with th'funky eastern groove just like eric burden was doin with th'winds o' change elpee...its th'name'n xpectations that made this elpee sound a failure to rock snobs but any layabouts who groove on th'late 60s anglo sike/blooz scene will find lots too enjoy, there was a way forward with this line up but they all wanted 'more' too quickly at th'time, cos with th'bonus cuts that come with this reissue added, show some sorta happy medium coulda been found combinin keith relfs renaissance'n some wigged out zeppo style shreekin, but hindsight does allow a wider vision so this must be seen as it is, a cat must make o'it what they will...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

spot on it is a very interesting artefact from that time when anything was worth trying

7:33 AM  

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