...back in 68 time when most o' these cats were known as th'rockets they had a different, under-appreciated sound from th'usual los angeles hippee combos'n when crazy horse got their groove on they certainly were an anomaly in th'laurel canyon/topanga/hollywood triangle in that they could lay down some drugged grunge rockin without breakin a sweat, effortless grindin down th'seventees earth shoe 'hippees' who couldn't quite get behind this weird bunch o' studio savvy/reefer'n beer heads with th'uncontrolled amp bustin noise they loved to lay on audiences...this second go round suffers from th'loss o'key members danny'n jack'n goes in a country rockin direction which aint necessarily th'bad vibes disaster that coulda resulted from such reckless commerciality...its not as limp'n lifeless as a lotta hollywood cowboy efforts that got thrown out around that time, possibly more like nestlin in th'grin area, which aint surprisin given nils lofgrens tenure with both outfits...some patented neil young screech crops up a coupla times but it must be said it aint as often as could feasibly be way o' lookin at this work is thats its in th'spirit o' crazy horse'n all that name may imply, 'n could in all honesty need a few spins before a cat can settle in easy with th'groove...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

funny one this-paid for the 1st crazy horse album, when i got home and took the album out of the horsehead sleeve this one was inside. needlesss to say i ended up keeping it and going back to get the first too.this was fine your description is on the mark.
thanks for the grin above.

8:02 AM  

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