...back in around 1975 this cat was looked upon by some sections o' th'anglo music press as th'future o' rock'n roll, along with springsteen he was gonna save th'music that was deemed to be goin or indeed already gone sour with stadium rockers or whack pop clutterin up th'place...nils made four albums with his cool combo grin'n then proceeded to think he could go it alone...this compilation is formed around his A&M period with 3trx from grins last wax'n th'rest his initial solo discs goin up to 1977, hence its chocka full with good grooves...some o' his big hitters actually aint here cos lesser remembered toons have taken their place but its mostly hip-to-trip so its all kicks off with grins version o' 'beggars day''n his ode to th'glimmer twin(possibly his best ever cut)is here shinin like a beacon at trk#4 followed by 'back it up''n trk15 is 'rocknroll crook', another fine piece o' grist...18 toons in just over an hour makin for a fine peek at this now sideman from aforementioned springsteen, two 'futures' o' rock'n roll for th'price o'one?...


Blogger Kadek55 said...

Grin brings back old memories!
Thanks a lot for this!

5:29 AM  

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