...straight away this pile up comes on like th'yardbirds on heavy drug prescription, all th'cats flailin away in different direction yet all headin for th'same goal...with th'second trk theres some wiggy voodoo psych from th'sleezy hollywood back alleys that th'alice cooper group would wander lookin for th'right moment to unleash th'new sound they were cookin up...cats who're hep to th'pretties elpee will dig these earlier run thru's'n groove on alices harp playin here'n there thats sounds like somethang from country joes fish's first effort, that lonesome stoned basement'3 last trx're some kinda rehearsal warm ups that hark back to pre cooper name when they were a garage outfit wailin on stones/music machine/spencer davis type R&B which sound earlier than th''prime piece o' grist with this is th'first single (reflected/livin)in mono nestlin at th'end o' th'cool toonage...sound quality fluctuates but overall its acceptable for whats on offer, cos th'original coopers were real yanquee contenders to take anglo psyched out hard'n tripped freakbeatR&B with that avant narcotic touch to a wider audience in th'upcomin illicit trip into th'dark underbelly o' vietnam drained teenage weird worlds...


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