...this is one massive stoned groove from front to back, acid damaged psyched out freekin o' th'first order...everythang that was happ'nin in 67 is somewhere on this wax, from free spirit jazz trumpet to left banke harpsichord, from odes to th'sacred trip to anti war sentiments all rollin one after th'other'n nothin is outta place, it just molds itself into one complete whole, a suite to th' times, it catches th'moment perfectly...th'psychedelic vibes that was emanatin from th'fab4 durin summer 67 hangs over this but nothin is copped outright, they're just goin with th'flow...if'n these cats had stayed together they'd got down with a totally wig liftin concept wax that would stopped all other concept disks from comin out, there'd be no point cos these flipsters already done it...there'd be no need for vanilla fudges heavy handed ideas after th'first LP thats for sure'n no real need for 'tommy' cos townshend already did it himself on 'quick one..'...brings to mind th'fabulous C.A quintet on a bigger budget'n van dyke parks art-pop moves'n th'title trk is a stupendous cop o' th'country joe first album with that unmistakable organ sound...a solid groove that not too many ever really captured without it all comin on false,(over orchestrated/bad keyboard blooz jams)this is just soundin natural like it should...


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