...first release on dandelion for this duo o' folk bloozers who put out some snap boogie trance for th'underground head scene back in th'day...john played guitar/drum/cymbal'n peter played harmonica/jews harp/mouth bow plus sundary percussion'n between th'two o' 'em they brought alive th'travellin 'one man band' that appear throughout blooz history on th'lonesome dirt roads between clarksdale'n'slow velvets moe tucker pulsebeat, th'same beat o' th'earth gradually turnin thru each day'n season'n year underlines th'essential bein o' th'medicine head groove, th'ancient drum that calls th'faithful to partake in th'ceremony o' life, to keep on keepin on thru th'good'n th''blooz that leaks from back street pubs'n workin-mens clubs o'ol'britannia with its salt o' th'earth spirituality is all over this wax takin th'list'ner on some kinda journey o' th'soul, a cleansin, washin away th'square world'n its persistant bad karma tryin to snuff th'spark o' free will from th'good'n true everywhere...also they kick up a coupla stormin rent party choogle with th'drum poundin'n th'amped up harp blowin layin down th'funky vibrations that just keep rollin on down th'highway...


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thanks for all the dandelions !!!

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