Thursday'MONO version is a trip'n thats th'final word, a solid wig flipper'n theres one reason,probably th'most important'n thats it makes a cat see(hear) th'elpee in new light, to see what really went down n th'final hours o' makin this double 'back to th'egg'biskit...put side one on 'n straight away somethang awry is goin down, somethangs missin, not all is as it should be...'n so it goes on, thangs that dont get heard(that should) suddenly make their present felt more than if they were there...its that ol'mono/stereo battle, which ones best in this late age? its sometimes very hard to say cos both bring possibities that now're matter o' choice...back in th'day every layabout with a reefer burnin would tell th'known 'truth' stereo was where its at cos th'music moves around'n when used in conjunction with headphones -POW, instant wig liftin'n that had no contenders, it was a must-have-BUZZ that aint no cat gonna miss...o'course also theres stuff happenin that weren't noticeable in stereo now come into focus(brought up in th'mix)givin th'whole shebang a different makes it a much heavier sound which is total whats called for with toons such as helter skelter, th'thang gets a poundin readin(dig th'mighty throb o'th'drums/bass, all mushed up into th'thickest glollop o' thuddin rockroll noise)its an outta-control killdozer ploughin thru th'charlie desert in magnificent creepy crawl style, th'furniture o' th'toons gets rearranged in true 'gettin th'fear'style, cats not gonna know whats happ'nin....all this comes about due to th'efforts o' one dr.ebbetts whose main goal seems to be is to offer th'best soundin fab4 wax there could be, takin as th'source 'mobile fidelity sound labs'vinyl editions from th'early 80s(acknowledged as th'toppest soundin o' all fab releases)'n digitizin with above 'industry standards' equipment'n attention...these're not faked up with tweakin'n fanagelin like normal record co.reissues, addin bass to give extra oomph'n other devious plots to sell substandard ol' gubbins to th'gullibles, these're th'straight up real deal, what is heard is what it is, nothin untoward happ'nin, just th'gauze removed from th'sound openin th'door a little wider, sinkin deeper into th'vibration o' universal fabness...


Blogger ge said...

Aren't you the Beatles Man!!!
built up a pile alreddy of those get back-ers, but audiophiliac + mono + demos of WHITE seems hardly excessive at this juncture.
an astrological aside: BEATLES= AIR [LENNON-MACCA= air sunsigns libra/gemini]....STONES= FIYA: GLIMMER [heehee] TWINS fire sunsigns, leo & sag. ...a-and the BEACH BOYS? [AGUA, youngsters: Brian, Mike= [cancer/pisces watersigns] Your earthsign band then'd haveta be QUICKSILVER, burka-breath: 3 members Virgo.


4:03 PM  
Anonymous Mrs.Blast said...

Thanks for this, Spaced. Last night I was listening to that Tree W/roots Dylan thing you posted some time ago....great stuff.

12:22 AM  

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