...STEREO version, again courtesy o' th'good dr.ebbetts who's seen fit to make available th'toppermost o'th'poppermost edition o' th'fabs double waxin...taken from th'mobile fidelity sound labs vinyl releases o' th'80s this is way better than th'released 'official' version which th'beancounters deigned good enough for 'joe public', th'presence is upfront, a much phatter sound reflectin th'urgency'n vibrancy o' th'times'n toons...this release shows off th'nuances o' th'stereo production to full effect, like diggin it for th'first time, all previous list'nins may become redundant or at least secondary...take this brother'n may it serve you well...


Blogger ge said...

nOW SAY WHAT YOU WILL ABOUT pAUL...Fucker could Scream!!! and did so mit der aplomb and abandon to rival if not surpass [w/extra points for being white!] the master, Little Richard

just hear for the millionth time '...Monkey'.

4:36 AM  
Anonymous ken said...

thanx spaced--have other ebbets collections but not this-excellent!

8:33 AM  

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