...bein brought up in a house where his R&B disk jockey father entertained jazz cats'n played th'record machine constantly its no surprise pigpen got heavily immersed in not only th'blooz music but also th'culture, reefer'n wine were makin themselves known to ron from a very early age...this is some downbeat country blooz from th'mid 60s beatnik landscape taped at th'dead house basement in 66'n th'quality is mighty fair(dead heads will not be disappointed)...garcia more than once commented that pigpen was th'soul o' th'dead, th'anchor that kept them from driftin too far in any direction, th'oil in th'engine that kept them rollin along th'hippy he's laid back(not too far back)'n funky with th'ripple flowin'n th'reefer burnin slowly givin off th'mellow vibes...plays well next to mother mccrees'n as a historical document o' th'end o' beatnik times its essential, a very cool addition to th'birth o' th'dead...tacked on th'end is a coupla numbers from pigs last tape session'n th'last is from 64 with jorma kaukonen sittin in...


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Do you have anything by Tom Yates or Barefoot Jerry (asking again)?



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