Sunday'avant euro wing o' th'velvets'n th'poesy from th'soft machine plus chart visitor(w/roxy music)all get together at th'rainbow in ol'london town to make there presence known'n sell some wares(they're all on island records)'LP was released a month after th'gig'n for that time that was quick almost like pickin it up as a souvenir...eno kicks thangs off with a coupla wobbly poprock toons followed by john cales singular take on 'heartbreak hotel' whilst nico brings th'side to a close with her version o' 'th'end', th'jimbo morrison song from th'first doors album...side two belongs to kevin, it was supposed to be his evenin,with five groovy decadent ditties...overall its a cool look at these refugees from th'popworld who were all lookin for a way forward away from th'past into th'light...


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