...icy cold'n lonesome, dwellin in th'outer reaches way beyond th'mortal definitions o' existance, from th'darkest past to th'uncertain future nico inhabits a time'n place not on any map or in a time period known to th'keepers o' chronology...driftin on th'ether, motionlessly sailin thru celestial winds under th'watchful eye o' th'guardians o' chaos nico speaks from th'temporal gap that runs between dreamtime'n th'unconcsious, th'hazy untouchable landscapes that few ever glimpse let alone wander freely'n unperturbed...nicos everpresent harmonium is backed by phil manzanera/eno/john cale so a fine stew o' ever unfoldin avant noise is effortlessly swirlin with squeeks, croaks'n moans all meanderin thru, weavin hypnotic patterns from th''last in a loose trilogy that began with marble index'n desertshore a few years earlier all truly beautiful albums that continue to offer new ways o' thinkin,ways o' viewin th'familiar from unfamiliar positions, late night list'nin indeed...


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