...very nice look at these cool cats from a long while back,eighty years ago this was poor folks rockin jazz,skiffle for th'enjoyment o'partyin'n havin a groove on sat'day toons from th'basements o'outta town joints where th'whiskey was cheap'n plentyful,good vibes're happ'nin,all th'cats're gettin 'out-there'...plenty o'commentary on th'goins on in th'street like th'shortage o'marijuana,corruption,coke habits,all life is here runnin thru th'grooves like th'meanderin river flowin ever onwards towards th'next turn o' events...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Always a visual treat visiting your blog. Not been for a while so I'll trawl through and see what you've groovin' on. Ahh, reefer madness.

11:45 AM  

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