Thursday'saddest thang 'bout this package is that th'songs're still relevant,th'names'n places maybe from yesteryear but th'circumstances that permit attrocity'n calamity to flourish're still here in th'present day,th'downpressor is active on all fronts keepin th'truth well hid,disguisin all traces o' its existance in double talk,th'media barrage o'constant 24hour information cloggin up all arteries with scare stories,plans to end global warmin'n'more that is spoken,th'less that is known,true dialogue is dead,banned,never to set foot in society less th'shiny veneer o' empty promises is worn too thin'n vanishes'madmen,as always,run th'asylum'n true right thinkin voices're co-opted/consumed/killed only to replaced by replica dummies from th'closets o' tyranny...broadside magazine was started in 1962'n dovetailed into th'folk revival/civil rights with topical songs'n opinion'n sometimes records...bob dylan/phil ochs/nina simone/richard farina/eric andersen/malvina reynolds'n many many others contributed their time'n songs in th'hope it will be entertainin'n enlight'nin to th'listener/reader...89 songs o'rage'n resistance,o' passion'n politics where th'struggle continues in th'noonday heat'n coal black night...from th'darkness o'yesterday comes th'knowledge to light th'way forward under th'thunderous clouds o'oppression...bend th'nails o' conformity that're constantly hammered into th'flesh o'imagination,beware th'flim-flam man that sells th'poison cakes in th'name o' happiness'n contentment...avoid th'liberal ever massagin th'wounds o' society,whose pay comes from th'purse o' th'status quo...


Anonymous tom said...

excellent comp spaced!

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