...when th'time for th'second album came'round th'vibe had changed somewhat,tho this is only relative'n only more pronounced thru th'20/20vision hindsight gives,they were startin to come on like a real combo with commercial toons lurkin in amongst th'chantin thrash'n gunk,otherworldly commercial maybe but th'mersh is there(radar eyes/permanent green light could make it big on some juke box in a far away galaxy such is their insidious bent)...they were scorin gigs at local greenwich village psychedelic tourist traps'n they got busy with a light show,so thangs were lookin up with their name gettin around town'n records bein released in europe over th'course o'67/8,tho th'nature o' their work did limit th'amount o'appreciation they got outside th'freex,who numbered not a lot...theres still plenty o'freeform tribal bashin,th'avant garde is never too far from th'surface,a perfect extension o' th'sounds comin from th'first joint,but now it came with extra texture due to more recordin time bein allowed at ESP laboratories,time to formulate ideas but not work them to death'n become stale,its precisely th'air o' amateurism,th'faint design o' collapse that gives them their longevity,their ability to stretch out down th'decades ensnarin th'willin hipster in th'web o' wobbliness...


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