...whilst not nearly as prolific as th'mainstream squares,th'counterculture sure knows how to cash in on a deal now'n then'n this isza top exploito biskit if'n there ever was...could well be seen as a streetlevel take on th'happy campfire image o' th'laurel canyon hippee elite...take away that name from th'cover'n this would fetch some serious scratch in some rich collector circles as it would be hyped as communal rural rock from mysterious tribe o'dropouts hidin from straight society...a doodletown pipers for th'wasted generation...taped in LA in 1970,tho in th'twentyfirst century it could possibly be used as a kinda talisman 'gainst forces o'goverment pig oppression'n should be played before a reefer'd out creepycrawl is undertaken...


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