...pharaohs first wax as a leader'n it sees him groovin in a post hard bop style with some freedom o' expression allowed but not as much as could be expected bein on th'trusty'n hepnacious ESP-Disk label,but th'year is 1964'n some bop still makes currency here'n there,tho these're th'fallow years for jazz,th'60s didn't get much into th'jazzbo idiom,it was rather seen as yesterdays music,worse yet music o'th'older generation'n hence square...outside th'confines'n constrictions o' th'commercial hype machine heavy advances were made in th'jazz cellars'n after hours joints where some o' th'more flipped cats would get down with th'modal-free-spirit-drone-splat-jazz but not too many were list'nin,jazz fans hated it,jazz snobs tried to ignore it'n most didn't know o' its existance...these mid 60 times saw even modern genius like miles sellin less than 50,000 copies so cats like pharaoh could hope for maybe 800 if th'moon was in th'right quarter...made up o' side long jams this flows along mighty fine tho some more out-there-ness would been a bonus,this is kinda like pharaoh gettin a foot in th'door,gettin th'feel o' bein in charge...a small groovy fact for cats who dig th'more esoteric side is th'cover drawn by jay dillon from th'godz,nice...


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