...when honey ltd called it a day sometime in 69 a few months went by as they individually looked around th'hollywood scene to get th'vibes,to pick up on th'groove'n maybe grab a piece o' th'latest trend,th'laurel canyon laid back'n funky style which was grabbin imaginations'n mood o' th'times...again theres a nice amalgam o' vibes from carole-king-style-tapestry-mellow-R&B to gospel in a delaney&bonnie downhome-hollywood reefer rockin lounge moves suits th'studio musos attitude to doin th'session,but if they'd had some younger cats layin down a groove this woulda been a stoned buzz(maybe th'LA GETAWAY cats,joel scott-hill/johnny babata/chris ethridge would be cool) with th'honey ltd wax theres more goin on here than just th'toons,theres a mixin o'generational styles,but they could not push it to th'younger set who were diggin joni/CSNY/ronstadt,plus others who're too lame to mention(remember)'cover with its handmade look was certainly in vogue with th'denim-funky-cheesecloth ideas but seems somehow already outta date,it looked like they were fakin it but in many ways they were a precursor to th'comin decade when th'record company squares discovered cocaine'n tried to peddle M.O.R as hip'n vital sounds,tho that aint no reflection on this wax...again on th'LHI imprint'n its fate was sealed from day one,it sank without a trace,not even to th'bargain bin,this wax just didn't like to travel past th'sunset strip...


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