...recorded by some hep thinkin' cat on 03/15/69 at th' boston tea party in front o' lous amp 'n as a result all th' squeal 'n scrunch is upfront givin' slightly th'illusion they're playin' instro versions with th'vocals so far down...a very nice amount o' choogle'n poundin th'whole way thru'n all layabouts should dig th'way heroin slips into sister ray for over halfhour endin' th'set...dig th' keyboard/guitar mangle at about two thirds through, real boss soundin'...tape hiss 'n bad editin' lets th'velvet head into th'murky world o' illicit list'nin...last three trx on disc two come from th'same venue(trx2&4 12/12/68, trk3 07/11/69) 'n give up some more velvetness which is as necessary'n usefull as a cleandout 'n fresh bong on long afternoons o' hooligan indulgence...


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