Thursday'whole concept o' th'throbs was communication'n information,how these ideas're formulated'n put into action by th'power structures that 'govern' th'planet,mis/dis-information is used every second o' th'day to prevent th'ordinary joe from knowin'whats goin' there is an overload o' information,both trivial'n otherwise,so much so thats its difficult if not impossible to sort out what is needed'n whats put there just to saturate'n make it all redundant...communication via mobile phones'n other technological 'advancements' is a top bread spinner (legal at least)for a small elite but th'communication is blurred through so much traffic,nothin'is really said that makes any sense, its all just endless chatter, usefull only to certain agencies to keep tabs on th'population...when gristle put this LP on th'market th'cover seemed to communicate th'information that this was some kinda easy list'nin' disk with th'group lookin'nice'n sedate,not upsettin' th'status quo'n th'title made a lotta squares think it was some sorta disco record(th'number o' returns'n discs in th'thrift bins was testament too, a lotta buyers gettin' it completely wrong,they seemed to completely blank out th'throbbingristle name,goin straight for image'n 'greats'title which always pulls in th'mug punters)'cover was shot at th'english tourist destination beachy head, a top suicide spot for those so inclined'n th'throbs looked like they were enjoyin' th'view,a nice day out to groove'sounds in th'wax're throbs with th'rough edges hidden behind spacey synths'n embellishments that at first seem to make this sound normal but on further list'nin' its just as unsettlin'as it should be,its just more subtle which in th'end has a bigger, more lastin' impact...o' course early throb admirer's,who came to them via punk seemed to get th'wrong idea,they got to thinkin' this was a sell out, nice new wave/synthpop, not th'swill explosion they were gettin' used to, so again th' information communicated was misconstrued,taken only at face value, no attempt to look beyond th'surface was with all gristle work theres plenty goin' on'n repeated list'nin's unviel untold riches...


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