...just about th'time dandelion bit th'dust through not makin' th'necessary scratch th'original version o' this wax was put out to an obviously disinterested public who could care less that heavy blooz slammers stackwaddy were nestlin' alongside whimsy like clifford t ward, or that madman kevin coyne was hangin' with his combo siren makin a healthy'fact that singular songstress bridget st.john was groovin' on th'same label as theatrical hippys principle edwards didn't make a jot o'difference to th'great unwashed...hard proggers tractor'n folkies mike hart'n beau were o'no interest either...sax blower lol coxhill'n strummers medicine head were just two others that th'record purchaser o' th'day ignored to th'point o'oblivion...for cats that do care theres 17 wonderful trx all ready to give pleasure to th'enlightened...


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