...incredible four LPs from th'WCPAEB whose whole basic sound is grounded in los angeles acid punk'n spreads out from there takin in mersey beat/folkrock/psych-pop/'n many other paths with nods to zappa(they do a credible 'help i'm a rock'), joe byrds USA...they were observers'n participants o'th'hollywood/sunset strip scene with some o' th'most cuttin' lyrics that tore apart th'phoney-hippees that populated th'area, full on anti fuzz diatribes'n anti war protest that really told it like it was(is)...just like zappa they alienated th'very audience that they sought hence th'wax didn't shift many copies'n found its way to th'deletion bin'n onto th'real heads that understood th'message these latter day 'beatnix' were tryin to put out(th'lyrix have a beatnik honesty with th'poetic visuals flowin)...each LP seems to carry on from th'last, th'socio-political concerns never abate while th'music changes over th'four as th'LA scene developed(country rock pops up on th'last one though as that album plays some o' th'older sound crops up nicely makin' th'four into a song cycle which indeed these works are... younger cats could do worse than learn about 60s counter-culture from these missives from th'pop underground 'n by th'same criteria older heads will know why 'suzy'n bobby love to watch fires')...good use o' subtle stereo gimmix which're always fun when diggin combos like this who had proper studio savvy'n knew exactly when'n why to use such gubbins'n not make th'toons secondary or irrelevant...


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