...th' year bein nineteen69 'n th'frisco sound was mutatin outta recognition'n more importantly th'aesthetic'n ethics were slidin into disuse...th'original idea o' meldin different musics into a new freedom as practiced by th'great society/orkustra were givin way to country(rock) like th'dead, middle class temper tantrums with th' airplane...th'charlatans on this elpee, their first at th'time, four years after gettin th'rockin bug from acid 'n 'hard days night' ignore th'new ideas in rock such as grand funk thud 'n country stummin 'n get bizee with th' amalgam o' th' component parts o' th'frisco groove meldin modal jazz flutes 'n beatnik 65 folk, country blooz 'n psych guitar lines, goodtime musics 'n avant garde clunk, (trk8 is right there next to autosalvage),dig th'nod to fab4 white album at th' beginnin o'trk9...more than a few west coast rock snobs dis this as not up to th' standard set by others, who came later anyway,but this is certainly th'disk they desever'd to make, its a great summin up o' th'original response o' bein set free from square society, th'limit o' th' marvelous is th'only way...a big tip o'th'hat must go to darryl devore who came in later 'n ended up bein th'guide for th'trip but unfortunately he didn't dig th'rock world vibe(even hippee frisco rock)'n split th' scene to th'avant world...


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