Thursday'first collaboration from johnyoko outside th'fabs for public consumption came out to mainly public blankness, if'n it weren't for th'cover gettin some frenzied activity from th'square press this would sit alongside georges 'electronic sound''n wonderwall in th'great unwashed awareness o' solo fab slabs...touted as avant garde by most this sits nearer to out there musique-krautrock (laden with plenty o' anglo humour)...loops o' homemade twangs'n bangs clatter'n clamour around pianos plinked'n yoko invokin 'peace thru art', john chattin'n coughin'n both o' em actin out a bizarre soap opera with distorted generic lines filched from classic radio soap o' th'50s, when soaps in th'U.K did reflect 'real life'...this is th'future lennonos sayin we're not different from other people, we just reflect life different, here they're soapers(entertainment), they have no answers but th'truth'n truth is th'answer if enough o' th'population beleive in th'truth bein th'answer...what would be a top idea to contemplate is th'fact all th'fabs dig experimental music, includin ringo(dig th'vocal on yellow sub)so to really make a grand exit th'fabs coulda collaborated on a huge trainwreck o' spaced-out wig liftin double disk o' off-th'-wall electronic-taped-looped-heavy-helter-skelter rockin...georges bleeps/sitar, johns tape looped feedback/pauls orchestrated cut-ups all over thumpin' reverbed ringo drum'n pauls phat bass(yoko would guest wail/patti would be cover star/linda would take th'photos/maureen cook th'lunch)...far from leavin th'group scene'n ethic they would invent future rockin'n therefore by extension there'd be no need for computer geeks formin bands in th'21century...anyhows this two virgins biscuit is a top groove that cats with an ear for something else will dig with good cheer...


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