...yoko came blazin' into th'seventies with a coupla long players o' primo trance catawaulin'n riff boogie(plastic ono/fly)'n this one bein' a double gives th'list'ner twice as much ono to really get a flipped lid with...cerebral blastin' screech yodelled over intense echo'd poundin' urban-swamp slop...lennon's guitar noise really propels yokos avant vocalizin' on th'17minute 'mind train' which most probably th'best moment in yokos rockin' years,'n shes surely put down some top class screamin' here'n there as evidenced with th'toronto live-peace bootleg...rockers like ringo/klaus voorman as well as lennon plus various delaney'n bonnie sidemen're on hand to get th'shows pulsebeat goin'n on a coupla trx th'avant stylin' o' joe jones tone deaf instruments bang'n clang'n whirl behind'n around yoko as she invokes visions from th''title trk, fly is yoko solo(with some backwards guitar from john) for over twenty minutes o' yodellin' acrobatics which was originally taped for a ono film o' a fly movin' over a body...a most excellent'n satisfyin' avant stew o' some immensity that even to this day,right in th'here'n NOW o' th'present moment,has th'power to seperate th'hep weird-beards from th'geeky pretenders(th'great unwashed always hated her'n always will)...


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