...startin' off in th'stage hit hair in ol' london towne marsha soon found herself shakin it with th'movers'n groovers 'n got herself a band together 'n was goin' to play at th'stones hyde park bash in th'end she didn't get to do said gig for reasons that are not precisely clear four decades later(though she did pick up audience attention by climbin' around th'speaker towers)...anyhow she got herself some chart action with th' 'walk on gilded splinters' 45 'n suddenly she was big news with citzens aswell as heads 'n 71 it was time for marsha to grab some more studio time'n knock out a LP fulla great songs all done in a funky/real vibe...put out by th'wonderful track label who had seen better times by now 'n th'whole shebang just disappeared from view 'n she never solidified th'rockin credentials that looked to be hers for th'takin 18months earlier...


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