...when it came to th' trendy hypin' o' outsider art/street poets a few years back this cat missed th' Q 'n weren't invited into th'party...most o' those individuals that gotten written up by liberals 'n 'hip squares' were pretty lame 'n inoffensive, 'n in a word plain ordinary...if'n it falls to a roob to get creative with some natural artistic ability for out there vibes it should have a little somethin' to shake up a cat, not just be th' next consumer product for a coupla weeks...thats where this disk o' outpourins kinda differs coz this aint too cozy 'n lovey that squares 'n dullards can get next to...this is cathartic mind doodles that only come from those that have to give their thoughts to th' world whether th' world wants to know or not...whats on offer here is basically a pile up o' debris 'n trash from th' likes 'o back alley beatnix from fiftiesland who howled from dungeons o' despair/a desire to become th' reincarnation o' a drunk teenage jim morrison/postpunk word jive like rollins spouts...cats with any type o' serious misgivin's about freethought 'n vernacular wordage might wanna hit th' medicine box for a suitable somethin' to loosen up th'mind...


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