...back in th'early sixties when vashti was an artschool beatnik groovin' around london folky clubs she hooked up with andy loog oldham, scored a tune from th'glimmer twins'n looked all set to be th'latest swingin' london pop sensation but a few things got in th'way not least a gal by th'name marianne who also had stones connections'n an eye on th'pop charts...this very nice addition to groovy loog'n london(pre swingin london is an incredibly hep place where th'beatnik met socialite,scorin some bread to loaf 'bout on if'n they're lucky, artschool folkys met psychotherapists, scorin th'newly emergin L.S.D'n visitin worlds that exist for a moment or forever, leftover mad scientists met weirdbeard jazzbos fed up with knockin out trad that by 62/3 had no currency past aldermaston ol'timers, th'jazz/folk shop collettes recordin visitin' yanquee folkys like richard farina'n bob zimmerman who in turn was meetin' soho beatnix who were mixin jazz ideas into th'daily vibe, a cross pollination in dank basements drinkin bitter ale)where th'world o' R&B met philspector big-beat whilst sippin whiskey'n coke at mayfair clubs'n tripped on grade A sandoz...east end london mods, th'first class tickets o'super modernism met chelsea rich bohos who were lookin for street level kicks...cats in th'know were diggin john coltrane'n ravi shankar 'n rev.gary davis aswell as havin a blast at th'crawdaddy diggin' th'stones while blocked on'first disk gets off'n runnin with th'stones tune, that bein' th'title trk o' orchestral pop groove followed on by a coupla more singles'n acetates all seemin'ly taken from th'original disks which is kinda nice, like discoverin some cache o' otherworld marvels(not just list'nin to old studio tapes given a tweek'n polish)...second disk is vashti'n geetar 'n tape recorder layin down some tuneage for maybe private consumption or groundwork for future popstarism...dig that front cover with vashti bein' extra hep as lounge style mod hangin' in th'real world where danger lurks, definitely a loog oldham idea o' bein' street level urgent'n sharp, livin' th'life that was bein invented daily...much better than th'usual folknik strum'n warble, this has velvet collar dandyism written into th'fabric...o'course this wouldn't have been allowed daylight if'n she'd not been picked up by th'generation who worship th'past in its many glories'n try desperately to connect to th'real deal'n this time they were spot on(interestin' aside that marianne has managed to grab some retro worship with her weird take on decadent cabaret)...


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