...all th'tunes here have been dotted about on other releases over th'years but to grab them all in one double set is a top-class thang to have'n th'sound is v.good which makes this get another plus(desolation row has some noise in a coupla spots but its a way cool version so it dont matter too much,th'riffin is a bit on th'trancey velvets side, another plus)...this compliments th'mercury music disk with a great look at th'methed out year o' 65,BIABH/61 revisited/blonde/dont look back/les crane show,all top quality amped up madness,with th'zimm soundin like he's sometimes right in th'room,blastin th'visionary poetics as fast as th'brain waves can spill it out,its all on fire,blazin into th'chemical night...its a solid gone chrome-metal wall o' beatnik urban voodoo, its 3.A.M back alley barbed wire blooz,its th'screamin scrunch o'cats on th'rampage,headin into uncharted territory where th'known becomes lost in th'haze o' electricity pourin in from th'generator o'chance'n change...cats're urged to rewire th'circuits'n score a ticket on th'flipsville express,one way only cos there aint no return from this wigged out session,rip up th'papers'n learn another language...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanx so much f'rall the nice Dylan posted here.
much appreciated.
Great site too

2:40 AM  

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