...when the buffalo springfield finally called it a day a few different things happened, what with some of 'em makin' whingin wooden music'n a whole pile o' bread, some made some country pop'n a decent enuff livin suckerin th'roobes'n bruce palmer made this hazy psychedelic free jazz blow-out...consistin o' just 4 meanderin jams, naturally this is th'elpee outta all o'em that makes any sense today o' belongin to a time when experimental sounds were permeatin th'ether, when a sense o' adventure was still in th'air...its not too far fetched to see this on ESP-Disk with its open ended trance jammin', kinda like a free flowin organic krautrock that just grooves along goin' wherever th'vibe takes it(dig th'end o' th'first trk, a 16 minute voyage into th'moment where all o' a sudden th'stones 'satisfaction' riff pops up only to be swallowed whole'n turn into another moment o'NOWness)...keyboards vamp, violins scrape'n squeek, bells jingle'n rattle,flutes bubble'n flurry,bongos bong'n underpinnin' th'whole shebang is palmers bass ploppin'n boppin along, movin'n groovin'n gettin funky laid back...some cats from kaleidoscope help out makin this one o'th'great last'n lost west coast hippee offerin's, goin extremely well with a fresh pipe on lazy afternoons o' beatnik activity...


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