...th'fantastic groovacious niceness that permeates these wax can't be spoken o' highly enough by all layabouts who've spent those lazy afternoons gettin' all hazed'n outta faze...this is ethereal folk rock with psychedelia written all over in th'vibe set up...its like wanderin th'hippee sunset strip baskin in th'neon glow but seein'n feelin only th'(orange)sunshine, th'smoke that comes off is reefer'n not pollution...these two sold zilch o' course'n spent some months nestlin in th'deletion bins in th'early seventies, near th'dillards wheatstraw suite'n th'stone pony grooves which is th'fate o'th'coolest endeavours(plus three ton o'outright rubbish)...makes th'byrds output o' sweetheart/dr.byrds look a bit pale(square), as if that combo weren't really interested, just scared o' gettin that bad vibe day job...not as hokey as th'dillards with their pretend moonshine humour, much more beatnix floatin on acid...th'second elpee has some L.A psych-pop moves, not more so than on 'ode to a tin angel' where they go right to th'heart o' th'millenium outdoin' curt boettcher at his own game...they caught th'zeitgeist more than others minin' th'same field because they didn't ride th'commerciality o' gimmick acid pop/far out cloths, th'feelin o' th''new day dawnin' was at their crossroads o' folk/country/rock/pop, involvin in th'hep vibrations o' nowness, not devolvin into record co. puppets...


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