...tripsichord music box were one o' th'later exponents o' th'frisco hippy music explosion'n got their one'n only long-player out in '69, at least 18 months after th'fuss'n media hype had faded from public gaze...its got some psychedelic ballroom feelin like KAK 'n'fruminous bandersnatch'n sometimes like late 60's moby grape with some o' that rural rock some hippy cats were mistakenly gettin' too involved with...some nice acid jammin' guitar runs'n semi trance grooves chooglin' along makin' for good list'nin'n it takes a coupla spins to work its magic, but th'magic is certainly there on more trx than not...this reissue comes complete with th'trx they got released on th''fifth annual pipe dream' comp that rolled out to general indifference in th'early seventies plus a single that also vanished without trace...somehow some o' this kinda sounds like a proto pavlovs dog but only after deep stimulation'n meditation so it could be illusionary or possibly allusionary...


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