...this is a well tasty little treat from those capt.trips cats outta japan with an exploito/tribute to th'mighty blue cheer...originally a heavy blooz sludge outfit o'epic proportions they gradually transformed themselves into a hollywood (goats head soup)stonesian glitter bar band via hippy rural capers, but its th'two extremes that are o' significance on this outin'...first three toons (dig th'TV hosts intros)come from th'first elpee'n mindblowin crunch it is, showin th'first cheer wax production wasn't a mistake cos thats th'sound these cats make give or take a blast o' bad attitude'n fx pedal, a freewheelin bad trip rocknroll combo just kickin th'summer o' love into th'dusty hills back to th'red dog saloon...this is th'teenage blue collar reefer/drinkin yanquee version o' th'cream at their most poundin trance onslaught, this is th'sound o'low rent hendrix in saturation orbit as they pummell every last grace o' history from th'very corpse o' rock,'n rock hadn't quite been codified in 68'n these cheer cats already bulldozin it off th'boogie highway...maybe if'n th'cheer didn't have th'personel problems/changes they'd kept th'intial promise cos they show here they got th'goods, they walk it like they talk it'n in 68 th' year o' th'barricades, when sides were bein drawn'n it was th'riot thang to do, san fransisco rock was driftin into th'country faster than was morally/culturally good'n when th'pigs got heavy manners'n government drugs flowin thru th'streets it was up to cats like th'cheer to keep th'faith with th'rockin' force field that keeps th'squares away...johnny come latelys once tried to talk up th'rural rock version o' th'cheer but th'arguement don't stand up after a coupla listens, sure they're nice'n all but th'very name blue cheer should make hippys run for cover not embrace them...onward from trk4 a very different cheer is happ'nin in gold star studios in 1974, layin down some glitter boogie rock with riff ideas/stance purloined from th'stones/NYdolls/foghat all with ace hustler kim fowley'n ex steppenwolf nick st.nick at th'controls lookin' for an entrance into mid 70s rock with some rodney english disco splatter laid over some boogie licks' given some keefism from goats aint th'greatest thang to come down th'pike'n it sure aint th'worst, its part o'th'cheer groove with dick peterson'n three chancers'n also any 'underground 70s' pre pistols rockin is always interestin' seein how ideas'n preferences appear in every widenin' circles as late 20century c(k)ulture comes into focus more'n more...some unkind cats may wish to see this as 3 sixtees burnouts tryin to get a handle on th'youth market but th'youth market at this juncture was to stoned to know what they wanted but it probably weren't this...these last trx do kinda grow'n not much in a perverse/ironic way, they just work their way into th'organic computer'n when groovin' on a late summer afternoon they become real friendly'n hang nicely in th'air, but its th'first three air churners that make this mandatory ear filler, those distorted blasts o'mayhemic energy just blow a cats lid off...


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