...all layabouts with some lazy time will wanna grab a chunk o'50s wiggyness with th'beat generation, from th'writers to th'hangers on ridin' th'latest gravy train...gonesville grooves straight from th'fridge ready to blow a cats lid with far out swingin' lobe loobin'...dig th'beat beat be-at o'cats on a mission to break on thru, to escape th'square life uncle sam had on offer for th'sleep deprived masses o' th'chrome nightmare o'conformity...kick th'gong 'round greenwich village'n bong th'bongos in north beach with flipsters gettin' jazzed with smilin' buddhas on pot'n cheap red wine...avoid cops'n finx as hep cats chow down on bowls o' raspberry jello in neon eateries under th'frightened gaze o'workaday squares from cubesville...skip out on th'rent down rickerty fire escapes into back alleys fulla yesterdays headlines'n tomorrows out with a fresh package o' green from mexico behind closed doors in th'fifth floor walkup on avenue A after buzzin' th'fuzz on macdougal street...ride th'honkin' sax just in from kansas'n discover nirvana with be-bop dads'n peachy palaminos...groove uptown to a harlem crash pad on 124th street'n hang with professor bop as he paints pictures from th'gone world'n be here to go...


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Very tasty!

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