...cats hep to th'frisco scene from th'late six-ohs will remember this zonked-zone combo who managed to knock out one self helped extended play'n nearly got inked with two majors durin' th'feedin frenzy for th'next big thang but their then manager liked th'chemicals'n sauce too much'n let everything fall apart in double quick time...no matter,for whats happnin' on this coaster o'demos'n live recordin's is well up to snuff...great clouds o' ballroom skreech underpinned with some obvious knowledge o' greazy r'n'b swagger...mindfryin' guitar blasts show these cats were right up there in th'major league but circumstances dictated they would remain a footnote in psycho-underground culture...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have this fantastic music already, so I'm not downloading it, but I am copying your great collage artwork into my iTunes Complete Bandersnatch playlist as a cover image - thank you! I don't know if anyone ever thanks you for these, but I think what you do is beautiful, often better than the album cover. Great work!

7:07 AM  

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