...this here first alice cooper group outtin' is right from th'start callin' th'faithful with its demented street organ wailin' lettin th'heads know something new is on th'block cos this is most definitely urban rock'n in no way rock o' th'country'coops had no time for any gettin' back to nature'n vague muddle-headed ideas o' keepin' it real, they had th'agenda from 67psych-revolution'n 68streetfightinriotmongerin' all wrapped up in drama both psycho'n theatrical...this whole shebang has a great doomed heavy bad trip vibe permeatin' through th'groove weavin' a snakey dread sensation yet at th'same time theres optimism in th'knowledge that attackin' th' squares with outrageous dragged up foppishness would surely unite th' young forward thinkin' heads who wanted more than bubblegum or cowboy steel guitar...this is political MC5 for th' mind, theatre'o th'absurd, mixin' detroit street revolution with euro mind games direct from london/paris/berlin...heavy anglo vibes flow from th'UFO club with some pink floyd riff stolen'n put to good use (also dylan's watchtower riff liberated 'n givin a new framework for th' magic o' basement tapes to come alive in a dress)'n from th' marquee club,freakbeat slam'n thud o' th'who/creation...ladbroke grove bad drug smell o'hawkwind/deviants is never too far from th'surface'n this mixes in with a sorta doors/crabby appleton pop awareness to help snare th'teenage mind away from numbness'n nam waitin' lists...more than a few rock elitists give this a bad rep as bein' little more than a zappa marketin' ploy to get attention to his label(it does play well when on rotation with th'GTOs) from th'dwellers o' th'teenage malt shop who didn't heed his dire prediction for th' NOW generation'n th'onset o'plasticity through society sappin' th'will to question tyranical business'n th'corporate war machine'n th'influence o'freakout is obviously present but this is most definitely th'work o' th'group who had learnt some rock'n'roll chops workin' dances'n low rent dives earlier in th' decade...these cats aint no side-show put on for any amusement o' spectators, these're cats on a mission to break-on-through, to find th'next level...this is shock-rock but not th' way th' cubes meant with their snearin' laughin' mock/hatred, this shock to be alive 'n not th'halloween fright sight variety that alice sans group would later have to indulge in...list'nin in th'here'n now its fairly obvious to any 'n all heads who been checkin' th'progress o' underground rock from back in th'day when it was all fresh'n new that this shoulda come out on elektra as a harbinger o' th'urban revolution in rockin' noise, from club/studio poprock to all out eruption o' th'senses...(elektra were at that time gettin' busy with such talent as quill who they did get on th'bill at woodstock which shows how that once excellent'n trustworthy label was becomin' corrupted by th' all consumin' geetus pile)' easist way to look at th' relevence o' this missive from cooperville is as a conduit from 60s to 70s conciousness with another generation o' rockin' heads gettin' ready for something new 'n vibrant yet relevant to th'oppressive nature o' th' times with th' draft reachin' out to everyone with a social speaks o' th'loosenin' times yet there is confusion aboundin' thru th' grooves, with some interestin' progrock stop/start rhythms 'n some brilliant stoner stereo'finest cooper LP by far 'n certainly a future lookin' wax in all ways from elvis in a pink suit lettin' cats know theres good rockin' tonight to ziggy stardusts life on mars, it all speaks o' becomin' aware o'dreams'n not lettin' th' downpressor society grind th'life outta cats who dig a better groove than th'one on offer from th'ol'order o' payment'n privilage...


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