...third'n final johnyoko experimental LP'n this one see's them callin' each others name from each channel so they're shoutin', whisperin' across th'room, all set to a deep space pulsation, a universal heartbeat from th'pair, very trance inducin' under th'right circumstances, though maybe not for everyday list'nin' but certainly hits th'spot when th'grey matter needs a clean...easily fits in with such do-it-yourself bongo boogie gubbin's like amon duul put out originally'n other free flights o' fancy such as th'deads recordin' o' 'heavy air'...second side is mainly chattin' with th'press in their hotel room in amsterdam with a coupla musical interludes breakin' it up...sounds real good'n th'talk o' peace is relevant in todays muzzy 'new world order' shenanigans put about by uncle sams autocracy...dig johnyoko as they strive for a better tomorrow...


Blogger rockymustard said...

Thanks for taking us back through
the crazy period of John & Yoko. I remember rushing out to buy these albums in those zany days.
You really have a great site.

2:25 PM  
Blogger STEFAN M— said...

Thnx for this and the 2nd album. -- Stefan M. /

3:52 PM  

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