Monday'way to approach this wax'n indeed 4sail is to divorce earlier arthur disks from them completely, they cannot be allowed to cloud any judgement otherwise proper appraisal is tempered somewhat by times'n circumstances that no longer existed in1970,such had th'times moved,way different ideas'n social disciplines had come into play, both in th'recordin' studio'n on th'streets...arthurly bein no stranger to styles'n experimentation went full on with this double wax'n threw a whole slew o'grooves into th'pot'n cook'd'n simmer'd until a funky banquet was fit for consumption...hard rock/country rock/goodtime hokey were only th'tip o' th' rainbow'd iceberg...jimi style acidrock blast/CSN harmonies vie for attention with social commentary lyrics that now're not so hazed up in poetics, th'meanin' is clear for all who listen 'n think their own thoughts...cats with aversion to late 60s drum solos may wish for stimulants durin' trk8 which lasts for over 5years but to keep things in order'n th' universal yinyang flowin' in peaceful serenity trk10 comes on with fx-pedal-string-bendin'-monster-fuzz-out...some folky sounds like 64/5 dylan crop up at th'end which is kinda strange given this late date(maybe easy rider influence creepin' in)'n theres some nice cali-sunshine pop(trk13) happ'nin(dino desi &billy?) but ends in free hippy invocations as if th' drugs had just kick'd in... to be fair to arthurs art'n continuity some vibes/rhythm/lyric patterns from forever changes do crop up but theres a looseness that wasn't present on that LP...this is so much better than th'self appointed rock critics on rollin' stone/fusion would have th'college student/hippy beleive, they had it down as arthur had to prove himself all over again, much more than lesser talents would have to...over in euroland th'new love were received as some kinda west coast conquerin' acid heads who virtually could do no wrong, but theres always been refuge for free thinkin' artisans on that part o' th'globe where amerikkkanism was slowly losin' power'n influence...this remaster sounds real good 'n shows th'combo off to good effect...


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