...cats who dig th'hard rock idiom'n by extension th'more riff heavy side o' early '70 prog'n who ain't been hep to this platter gonna be in for some sweet treat that dont come around th'block too often...recorded in los angeles in '68 this is one fine fine heady mixture o' th'psych sound that was dyin' out 'n proto hard rock but with little or no direct imput from th' blooz (apart from th'fact th' whole o' rock come from that area o' endevour makes no never mind on th' subject in hand), this don't come from th' R&B strain or even folkrock gone loud, this is hard rock as it stands...th'use o' keyboards (played by don from nth.west aggro 'don 'n th' goodtimes'), 'n occasional operatic vocals (cats not diggin' that squeelin vocal style need not give it no heed coz these don't last too long 'n not too annoyin') give this whole shebang a very early proggy edge but th' codfied prog-moves that became cliche later're fresh 'n newly minted, th' blueprint was bein' laid out right here...interestin' lyrics're a total added bonus 'n complete th'picture o' this long forgotten combo who just arrived too early to make th'geetus that many scored with much lesser works a few months/years later...needs to be heard at least two or three times before list'nin' so that it finds its way to' th'center o' th'noggin togive out its groovacious gaggle...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

not to mention the locked groove that appeared at the end of side two on the original wax release, making the last note ring for eternity, or at least until you picked up the tonearm.

9:24 PM  

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