...mental mad mangulated guitar strummin' 'n screachin' screamin' from these percursors to modern rock...lotsa combos have taken their template from teenage jesus 'n whether they realise it or not don't matter cos that whole bleatin' noise rock blare somehow goes back down th' years to th'downtown NYC art rock blast that came outta punk experiments o' 76/7...short sharp bursts o' shrapnel sprayin' scrape blast out in seconds(literally on some tunes) what th' velvets tooks years tryin to o' th'originators o' what became known as NO WAVE 'n quite possibly th' best cos underneath th' ear-piercin' squeal is some hotcha tight playin, everything exactly where it should be, comin' in at th'right moment...economy o' movement producin' maximum racket...this is th' complete tuneage from lydias teenagers 'n it cant really be beat by any o' her other endevours cos this is th' purest manifestation o' her singular thought process...


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