...first LP from these rockers kicks off with a funky rock number with lashin's o' organ'n th'whole thing spirals out from there...stonesian grooves flow through with other small embellishments here'n there o' anglo 67 psych mixed into th' streamlined blooze...chuck berry'n howlin wolf get some low down grease smeared over th' grooves with tasty proto metal fuzz emanatin' from th' electric strings...contains 'n elergy to groupies'n th' two tunes that're forever associated with 'em(born to be wild/pusher)'n all these years down th' road they still sound unique in a overcrowded market o' th' harbingers o' a new suburban hard rock aesthetic that would encompass such combos as grand funk/aerosmith on a commercial level 'n sir lord baltimore/jubal in a more esoteric/underground vibe) a way they may well have peaked early so as to allow for lesser talents to get th' geetus'n gold, but th' groove still lingers...


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