...second mission statement from th' coopers'n pink floyd is still in evidence with th'first coupla seconds o' side one havin' sonic squiggles courtesy o' th' cambridge foursome 'n th' extended freakout on side two well into floydian territory though mixed in with 70 hard rock...possibly not as adventurous as th' earlier LP(but still cool enough for alice bores not to dig it),still operatin' in areas not quite mapped out, th' feelin' anything could happen like when they suddenly get into 'west side story' which in 69/70 was as square as nixon/agnew/TIME'n brother thats cubed anyway a cat looks at it...coupla trx take on some west coast popism but not like crabby appleton,whose presence loomed on th' earlier wax, more in th' line o' nondescript sunshine/singersong cats but th' coops show how its done 'n come off well...these cats were really onto something with these two LPs, how it all slipped away is what a college thesis could be written fact maybe th'crabby presence is here but its turned into fever tree, especially th'guitar here'n there, trk4 is th' doors jammin with th'tree if'n its gonna stand up...'n trk5 shows morrison morphin' into alice so that clears up th'mysterious disappearance o' th' doors frontman, he'd didn't even get to paris cos he's alice, this is gettin' TOO much into fortean logic for an appraisal o' a rock disc provin' that th'coops WERE onto something more'n vital than just a few tunes...theres dimension spannin' magic at work here that must serve as some sorta warnin' if'n a cat looks ahead in th'coop career(warnin' right there with that ugly word)...avant garde verses money/patronage,an age'd dilemma in western climes...


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