...when this joint dropped in '71 it was hyped as a live gig from '65 'n back in th'day there was less direct info 'n more imagination in underground circles so it was half beleived 'n half hoped it could be true...after all don 'n th' magic band were pretty far out 'n cozmic with their forward thinkin' racket so why not it be true, this was th'age when th' improbable was still partly possible with th' correct input...what this really is in reality is th' sessions for dons second LP (to be called 'it comes to you in a plain brown wrapper' but came to be entitled 'strictly personal'), that were eventually rejected, taped in late '' idea was some live in th' studio blather that would stretch out 'n show some avant-jammin 'n also some more song orientated cuts that showed th' weldin o' blooz 'n new fangled rock... trx 1/3 are the live trx 'n trk4 th' studio song on th' original joint, trx5/9 unreleased for thirty years so now th' whole picture is less hazee but no less hep...


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