...these whizzed up mods got onto a good idea when they mutated their club R&B with WHOisms'n got busy freakin' th'beat...mangulatin' th'guitar into a stutterin' crunchin' screech wiped over a thumpin' thud thats really solid'n keeps th'whole thing on an even keel as pop art explosions erupt...combos like th'creation'n th'smoke were a kinda catalyst between urgent london workin' class mods like th'small faces/who,whose pilled up R&B would eventually become middle class provincial student psych ala floyd/soft machine...due to their groundin' in club work these cats never got totally into th'psych groove always preferrin' their own heavier brand o'fusion noise, never forgettin' where th'modern music came from, theres always a dance step, no matter how blocked'n avant garde it may be,somewhere buried under th'racket...never got much attention chartwise in th'native land but made some decent inroads with th'pop kids in germany 'n certain other euroland environs...started gettin' viewed as a premier 'underground' 60s band in th'early seventies when their album got reissued along with fellow freak mod travellers tomorrow'n ever since they get a new lease o' life every few years when th'sounds get some market exposure for a few more fleetin' moments...


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