...inspired by th'acid power trio madness o'jimi'n cream these brothers from detroit set about rockin' up th' blooz both urban'n country'n distilled it on their first elpee...indubitably a slow growin' hotcha burner which over a few spins just gets more intense'n full on...its street level funk jams stretched out slightly givin' th' list'ner time to fully dig th'groove o' th'smoked out th'time this was gettin' released they hooked up with edwin starr'n did some road work promotin' his funky masterpeice'WAR'so that gives all heads th' word that these cats can rock th'room aswell as th'funk...layabouts who got lazy afternoons to get down with arthurly roundabout th'69/70 will want this cloudy waxin' while fresh'nin up th'pipe...


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