...early 70s'n this version o' love're still over doin' time at blue thumb recs. 'n this wax was slightly treadin' water in th'fact thats its a kinda short on th' time(30mins) 'n some live trx mix in 'n theres some funky speedfreak edits in a coupla' most famous thing about false start is th'fact jimi was in th'studio 'n knock'd off a coupla licks for fun but th' whole LP is a way cool groove, its more groove based than normal 70 hard rock which after th'acid jammin' gimmicks had worn off a lotta combos got into thuddy/sluggish kinda rock which just went nowhere, it was lost before it start'd, 'n o'course it became popular with th' great unwash'd for most o' that decade...theres some great hope from arthur on this wax with it all endin 'ridin that vibration', right-on realistic lyrix like a more out there curtis mayfield...unfortunately this would be th'start o'th' end o' a realistic future for arthur as th' music business'n society conspired to keep him from speakin' th'truth to th'wage slaves who keep th'machine ever grindin' on...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yours is one of the greatest collections of real music ever seen.
Congratulations and...
thanks for sharing it.
A friend from Greece

5:35 AM  

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