...magnifico piece o'hollywood psych thats a must for cats who dig th' soundtrk vibe but don't need it too loungy with obtrusive 'n dull string arrangements that can bring th' most grooved up layabout down with a bump on th'chakra...most 60s hollywood exploito flix had faux garage/surf/greaser soundtrk(often supplied by davie allan when he needed a crust) if'n a youth audience could be enticed to give up th'bread for such wax, whereas here it's jazzbo dave grusin who drops a tab'n comes over all avant groovy with wigged out electric doodles that really hit th'spot...kinda in th'vein o'axelrod but with cooler drugs 'n not so much seriousness...real chippa wig liftin stuff 'n comes complete with real bands supplyin' quality rock(steppenwolf) 'n th' byrds groovin on 'child o' th' universe'(different version to dr.byrds)...very very tasty 'n thats da truth...


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