...this is janis out in frisco'n surroundin' environs in th'early 60s, round'bout late 62/63 workin' alone'n with a coupla other long forgotten beatnix, which is where th'disk title comes in cos although this ain't strictly north beach clubs'n coffee houses as such it is north beach in its outlook, its beatsville all th'way...made up o'tunes from ol'weird amerikkka(kinda like th'stuff mother mccrees were puttin' down), its fulla 20's blues/country blooz/hokum'n folk ditties that came down th'pike to be rescued by th'revivalists o' th' left back in th'late fifties...real nice hours worth o' janis just wailin'n strummin' for a few select layabouts in th' know, essential list'nin' to see that her vocal style was already intact before she hooked up with those freakrockers big brother, their ampage would just give her th'strenght to make it bigger ready to blow away th'ballroom crowd...


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