...mighty mighty fine trawl through all things hooply'n years o'mottin' plus over on disk 3 theres some groovy bits'n bobs from various 60s combos that acted as precursor to th'story(doc thomas/shakedown sound/buddies)comin' in at just under 4 hours'n none o' it wasted...disk one is th'island years with plenty o' unreleased versions to give a fulla understandin' o' th'group, how their ruff'n tumble sound came into bein', what made them stand out from th'crowd(th'best place to see them was at small clubs away from th'bright lights o' th'big city where they could blast away with their lurchin' rip roarin' sound)...disk two is th'hit single years where they learned how to control th'rough edges'n channel th'noise into something th'general citizens could dig, be it glam thud'n thump or anthems for th'crash street kidds...this o'course is where they lost a lotta th'original fans who didn't dig 'their group' becomin' 'pop stars', much preferrin' th'shambolic hoople to th'new clean'n concise mentioned th'third coaster is a trip to th'pre-beginnin' plus th'hit years with bowie voicin' dudes, stan tippins vocalizin'n some demos for various soon to be well known tunes(dig th'shakedown sound groove th'west coast pop arts 'transparent day', sign o'what coulda been if'n ian hadn't got himself invited to rock th'stew)...add in some live stuff'n this all works out as a great samplin' o' mottness,so all hooplers'n layabouts're advised to tip'n tipple some medication for th'trip cos anything can'n will happen over th'next few hours...


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