...when th'deviants broke apart on their amerikkkan tour'n mick farren got shafted from his own band th'other three took up with ace looner twink'n became th'fairies'n smoked up a lotta dope'n took various stimulants'n grooved'round ladbroke grove'n played many free gigs'n smoked up more weed'n grooved'round ladbroke grove'n smoked up plenty weed'n grooved'round albion playin' free gigs'n smoked copious hash'n made'n LP for a major record label who were desperate to find new progressive pop combos to fleese hippy wedge from unsuspectin' students'n layabouts...what said record label got was this hotcha piece o'chemical fun with reefer'd moments'n some slightly more frenzied numbers...not as manic 'n freeform as a fairy gig but a cool piece o' london street level rock with some 'finesse', that shouldn't be held against it as they smoked up more dope'n grooved'round waitin' for th'elusive big time that was surely just at th'end o' th'rainbow o'acid fried dreams...


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