...twice as much were one o'andy loog oldhams bids for swingin' london super pop gimmick around 1966, their music bein' baroque folk pop like marianne faithful, billy nichols,chad'n jeremy'n other chelsea type hip swingers...sunshine pop orchestrations'n some big beat like phil spector that andy loog loved to immitate, some kinks style grooves...recorded a few singles'n two LPs for immediate, they scored a hit with th'glimmer twins 'sittin on a fence' but couldn't recapture th'vibe on other 45s(dig their super lounge-pop readin' o' th'fabs'help')...when their label went bankrupt in 68 th'duo called it a day'n went their seperate ways wisely surmisin' th'daze o' swingin art-pop were over...unjustly overlooked since their 'heyday'this anthology is a cool'n groovy summin' up o' their work with every trk worthy o' repeated plays givin' off hep carnaby street flower vibes...


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